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Our – Private Denture Clinic in Somerset

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Our private Denture Clinic in Langport  has developed an excellent reputation for providing sympathetic, patient focused denture services.

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Founded by local Clinical Dental Technician Leslie Wheatley, The Bow Denture Clinic attracts patients from the local area and beyond. This is because we always take the time to listen to our patients and understand their concerns. With the care and reassurance you need to feel confident about your treatment, you will enjoy a new experience in denture care at the centers Denture Clinic.

Dentures  in Somerset Denture clinic in Somerset.

Safe, Comfortable Surroundings

Our Clinical Dental Technicians Mr. Leslie Wheatley and Mr. Stephen Smith are able to provide you with a unique denture service, not only will they take the impressions for your new denture, it will be created in the centres on-site dental laboratory Dental Design by a professional team of experienced technicians. They are able to give advice and provide solutions to any previous problems and fears you may have experienced. You will control the choices and options that suit your cosmetics, function and cost elements that shape your denture, you will have the opportunity to see the types of teeth available for your denture, with a range of shade and mould types. We will restore your smile, speech and ability to eat well with confidence.

Designed To Be Fully Accessible

Our Denture Clinic in Langport is equipped with a stair lift, and designed to meet a wide verity of patient denture needs. Appointments can be made from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday within the clinic. For those who cannot attend the clinic, a home visit can be arranged. Now, with an ever increasing demand for quality dentures, we are expanding to offer you more services onsite than ever before with our Langport Dental practice in Somerset.