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We can offer a wide range of implant solutions on referral, including supplying and fitting implant retained dentures.


Questions you should ask your Implant Surgeon:

  1. How many do you place per year?
  2. Are you insured for the level of surgery you are undertaking
  3. When will I have my new teeth?
  4. Do I receive a detailed Treatment Plan?
  5. Are there other costs? (x-rays, surgical guide, components, augmentation materials, laboratory fees, reviews included)
  6. If the procedure must be repeated, will I be charged?
  7. Will I be without teeth?
  8. Are you offering a guarantee? (What does it cover?)
  9. What are the risks? (nerve injury)
  10. How long will my implants last?
  11. What are the rates of success, complication and infection?
  12. Who can I contact for advice after the treatment? (aftercare)