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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mark Milkins will be joining us as from March 2015. We will offer a full range of implant -supported restorations from single crowns to complex full arch reconstructions.

Born in Bristol and educated at Bristol Grammar School, Mark qualified at the University Of Birmingham School of Dentistry in 1980. After running his own successful practice for nearly 20 years in Pembrokeshire, he returned to the West Country in 2003. Mark works in several Implant clinics in Bristol, Taunton and Yeovil.

Mark has been placing implants since for 14 years and since 2009 has devoted his entire time to Implantology. Mark places and restores several hundred implants per year. These range from single implant to complex full mouth reconstructions He routinely undertakes advanced cases involving complex bone grafting procedures. He has undertaken advanced grafting and restorative postgraduate training at University of Bern, School of Dental Medicine, Switzerland one of the world leading Implant training centres. (Master course in Bone Grafting and Guided Tissue Regeneration and the Master course in Aesthetic Implant Dentistry, etc)

Mark is a member of the ITI (International Team for Implantology) and the ADI (UK Association of Dental Implantologists). He is an ITI speaker and mentor having mentored many colleagues that wish to undertake Implant Dentistry. Mark is a regular guest tutor on Surgical Anatomy courses ran by the Stuart Orton Jones Institute held at the University of Bristol. Mark has a calm, kind approach to all his patients and takes time to understand individual needs and concerns. Detailed written treatment plans with a breakdown of costs and schedule of appointments are provided.

In his private life, Mark enjoys playing football regularly and is a keen sea and game angler, often catching his own dinner! He also keeps Koi (Japanese carp), having names for most of his fish.


Treatment Coordinator

We also offer a personal and bespoke implant service with a dedicated, experienced Implant Treatment Coordinator who can answer all your queries throughout the Implant Treatment ensuring a smooth, trouble free journey for you.

If you feel that Implant treatment might be able to help you and wish to find out more details, please Call now and book a free implant consultation* on 01458 253888 or email your enquiry to


Straumann Dental Implants

We use Straumann dental implants exclusively; Straumann is renowned for its high quality and reliability. For detailed information about Straumann implants please visit

Ceramic Implant- we are excited to announce that we will be one of the first centres in the UK to provide Straumann’s revolutionary new ceramic dental implants.

Unlike almost all other implants this is not Titanium but a tooth coloured ceramic implant. This gives patients the choice of treatment with a metal free implant and achieving excellent aesthetics.

For further information please click here:–  ceramic implants


Clinical Dental Technician

The Bow Dental Centre is one of the few dental practices in the UK able to offer the services of an experienced implant surgeon and a Dental Laboratory in one location. Mark and the Dental Technicians, Les, Steve and Andrew form a team of registered professionals dedicated to providing our patients with high quality dental services.

The advantages to our patients of a combined Implant Clinic and on site dedicated highly experienced Dental Technicians are:

  • seamless, fast and personalised treatment
  • direct consultation with the Technician for shading, contouring and colour matching
  • reduced waiting time between appointments
  • minor adjustments to dentures, crowns and bridges while you wait


Questions you should ask your Implant Surgeon:

  1. How many do you place per year?
  2. Are you insured for the level of surgery you are undertaking
  3. When will I have my new teeth?
  4. Do I receive a detailed Treatment Plan?
  5. Are there other costs? (x-rays, surgical guide, components, augmentation materials, laboratory fees, reviews included)
  6. If the procedure must be repeated, will I be charged?
  7. Will I be without teeth?
  8. Are you offering a guarantee? (What does it cover?)
  9. What are the risks? (nerve injury)
  10. How long will my implants last?
  11. What are the rates of success, complication and infection?
  12. Who can I contact for advice after the treatment? (aftercare)